Mechanical Box 2 (M-box 2, Mexhbox 2) Walkthrough

Today is an unusual quest from Russian developers. We have to think and strain our brains.

On the device display (phone, tablet) you see a box. You should in any way, which the designers conceive of, of course, open it. You need for this smartphone and strain the gyrus of the head. Levels are not simple and it is possible to understand not the first time.

I like to play in similar genres. They increase intelligence, mental and logical thinking, visual memory. For a few days the application downloaded more than one thousand people. The creators of the project probably expected success. Thank you, for the quality toys that you have to meditate on.

You should perform manipulations on the screen, where you move the button, select the code, shake the gadget.

Graphics and the interface are pleasantly surprised by bright colors.

Mechanical Box 2 (M-box 2, Mexhbox 2) Walkthrough all levels.

Levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Walkthrough

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