Horror Escape Ghost Stories Of Playground Walkthrough

Going for a walk in an unfamiliar city, you could not imagine what would happen to you, towards evening when it began to darken you stumbled upon an abandoned amusement park, you wanted to pass by, but suddenly remembered that on the eve of a bar locals told stories about a ghost in old park. And curiosity took over you, you decided to enter the park where the whole story begins. At the gates the boy greeted you, at the beginning you did not betray it, but after he began to disappear from time to time, you realized that the ghost story is not an invention and decided to help the boy get out of the park. You have to solve many different puzzles, difficult and not very much and find his toy, soft bear, think you can manage then try and help the boy get out of this park.

Horror Escape Ghost Stories Of Playground  Walkthrough


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