CASE: Animatronics

CASE: Animatronics – a truly terrible stealth horror in the first person. An unknown hacker breaks into the security system of the police station. The whole area is de-energized. All the doors are closed. The noise of the metal steps is heard closer. Will you survive, Detective Bishop?
Welcome to the police station, where work late can bring you to the grave. You are Detective John Bishop, who stayed at the police station until late at night. From another terrible dream you wake up because of a strange call from an old friend who turns everything upside down.
The police station is turned off from electricity, the security system is hacked and all exits are blocked. But believe me, this is not your biggest problem, then horrors will begin!

Someone follows you, it looks like he’s metal and wants your death. Yes it’s just robots koroye called animatronics.
Understand this situation, and find out who is guilty of this insanity and who should be punished.


Azur Interactive Games Limited


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