Old Man’s Journey Walkthrough

This is an amazing story about how in one moment your routine life can turn into a great interesting adventure! And age is not a hindrance. After all, the main character is an old man who never seemed to want to leave his house with a wonderful view of the ocean. But one fine morning, when he enjoyed the view, the postman came to him and handed him a letter, after reading which we would have to go to an inquisitive trip!

You have a unique opportunity not only to go on this journey together, but also to help the old man, paving his way! Empathize together, remembering his youth, to see both joy and regret.

Immerse yourself in this interesting gameplay, filled with fun puzzles. Enjoy the beauty of nature, make your own adjustments, while solving interesting challenges to help the old man go all the way. Through the eyes of an old man, you will be able to see a lot of wonderful memories from his life and to understand that after all he was forced to leave his beautiful house on a cliff.

Old Man’s Journey Walkthrough

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